Anna-Maija Reés

Anna-Maija Reés undertakes commissions of integrated art for specific sites and works with team of consultants readily available to advise on lighting, water features and construction. "After a long period of time seeking and studying different materials, including ceramics, bronze and stone in her semi abstractions and figurative work, the artist returns to pure abstractions drawing inspiration from nature. She finds stainless steel a suitable material to mould and construct her spatial art." Quotes from her book: "Sculptor Anna-Maija Reés Escultora", 2014.
Pericarpio 15,88.jpg

PERICARPIO|Installation in stainless steel and stone

Fruta del Agua 15,88.jpg

FRUTA DEL AGUA|Water-sculpture with lighting|Stainless Steel

Euroflower 15,88.jpg

EUROFLOWER|Monumental sculpture in stainless steel